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Bring impact to your business, your life, and your path to success.

As an owner, you know your business better than anyone. All the decisions you’ve made, even those without knowing the full impact at the time, are what brought you success today. But the pressures of running a business can be overwhelming, making it easy to focus all of your energy working within the business instead of on it. Our promise is to re-focus this energy by helping you gain clarity on the path ahead, confidence to achieve what success means to you, and control of the variables that impact your business.

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What is the DNA of your business?

A successful business requires strong DNA, resilient to ebbs and flows and able to support future growth. Your focus is on building your business. Our focus is helping you strengthen the DNA of your business, bridge the gaps, and ensure you’re successful today with momentum to get wherever you want to be tomorrow.

What is the DNA of your business?What is the DNA of your business?

Our ingredients for a successful relationship: Collaboration, Commitment, and Communication.

Achieving the same goals requires a true partnership. We work together with you, keep consistent lines of communication, hold nothing back, and encourage each other to be our best. Regardless of the industry you work in, whether you’re experiencing high growth, having trouble getting to the next level, or looking to plan for life after your business, our goal is to provide the confidence, clarity, and control to achieve what success means to you.

Westcor Construction Ltd.

Bob Robinson, Owner of Westcor Construction,
discusses how Stawowski McGill integrate
and educate their leadership team.

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Knifewear/Kent of Inglewood

Kevin Kent, Owner of Knifewear/Kent of
Inglewood, on how Stawowski McGill has helped
provide the clarity to help grow his business.

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Plains Fabrication & Supply

Chester Nagy, Owner of Plains Fabrication
& Supply, on how Stawowski McGill helped
guide them through building a new facility.

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