Educate. Collaborate. Implement.: Our Education Forum starts May 4th

Owning a business comes with a host of opportunities, but economic downturns can present challenges. Stawowski McGill’s Education Forum is a series of events created for business owners and other professionals to share knowledge and gain insight to take back to their business or client. It’s about collaboration and transparency, and ultimately aims to build our community and help take it through tough times.

“Our Education Forum is an opportunity for business owners and other professionals to learn more about key issues that have great impact on their business,” says Dave Tadman, Partner at Stawowski McGill. “We take pride in educating our clients and collaborating with them, and this series of events will provide the clarity, confidence, and control business owners need to make decisions in our current economic downturn.”

Our first event’s topic is, “Strength in numbers: how your balance sheet and working capital can drive you through downturns.” Join us on May 4th to engage in lively discussions, grow your network, and gain tools to impact your business. Click here for event details and to register.