Stawowski McGill is different.


We are advisors and accountants, and we are more than that.

We believe in bringing impact to everything we do. That impact resonates with our clients, their businesses, their team, and their families. It also resonates with us personally, our careers, and into the community.

We are a team, both with our clients and with each other. When we work with the right people, we make impact.

What is it like to be part of the team at Stawowski McGill? Some of our team members weighed in on their experiences.

  • There is a supportive culture of respect and kindness.
  • We care about work/life balance.
  • We are invested in personal and professional growth.
  • Every day brings new challenges to keep us learning and engaged.
  • Clients are interesting and diverse, and we build relationships while learning and growing along with them.
  • It’s challenging work, and really rewarding to see the impact we have on our clients’ successes.


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Being on the team at Stawowski McGill is not just a job, it’s about being part of a culture to bring impact.

It’s a commitment to grow and learn by loving our clients and wanting to serve them to get them to their goals. It’s a commitment to embrace the team with respect, enthusiasm, and dedication. You can follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn to stay in the loop as we grow.