Business Owners Roundtable: Return to Work Q&A

As a follow up to our last HR Q&A session at the beginning of April, we are seeing positive signs of reopening but there are so many questions related to the issues with returning to work for businesses and employees.

On Thursday, May 28, we hosted another Q&A session to answer some of the questions business owners have regarding Return to Work and Alberta’s relaunch. We’ve included the full video of the session below.

During the session, we discussed:

  • Recalling employees from temporary layoff
  • The duty to accommodate
  • Job protected leaves
  • Public health requirements
  • Work refusals and occupational health and safety

As well as some practical considerations for you and your team such as:

  • What does networking look like?
  • What does business travel look like?
  • Productivity tracking (if we continue to WFH)
  • Thermal scanning and considerations

We hope you find the session informative and helpful, and if there are further questions, please feel free to contact us.