Converting Ideas to Results through Accelerated Innovation

On Tuesday, November 17, Stawowski McGill hosted a roundtable discussion for business owners with Simon Raby Ph.D., Growth Catalyst, and Jeff Neufeld, President of Trimet Building Products.

The conversation focused on Jeff’s journey as a business owner, from having a burning need to generate more product and market opportunities in 2018 to developing an ongoing capability with his team to innovate day-in and day-out in these extreme and challenging times. Dr. Raby shared the latest thinking on how to win big at the innovation table. Together, we explored the missteps, breakthroughs and necessary adjustments that are typical of any innovation journey and ultimately revealed that innovation is learnable, a team game and critical to ongoing growth and success.

During this webinar, we also announced a funded opportunity for your team to attend the proven Innovation Accelerator Program, a transformational learning experience.

We’ve included the video of the webinar below.

Click here to view the presentation deck.

Click here to apply for the Innovation Accelerator program.

If there are any questions, please feel free to reach out to us.