Brian McGill, CPA, CA


Brian McGill, CPA, CA - Partner

To put it simply, Brian’s passion is helping others. His hands-on and empathetic approach to each client’s professional and personal successes and challenges allows him to make a positive impact. He believes that if your business and personal life aren’t in harmony, neither will truly thrive. As a great listener – he describes his personality as one of “quiet passion” – Brian takes pride in his ability to help clients through murky waters until clarity is found. Gifted with the ability to see beyond the numbers, he believes that in order to help a business prosper, it’s important to understand not only the needs of the business, but those of the people who manage it.

Brian was Senior Manager in Deloitte’s Financial and Special Services group and spent 10 years working in the oil and gas sector (both in Canada and internationally) as CFO for a group of oil service companies. He has extensive practical experience in corporate growth, acquisition strategies, and financial management of local and foreign subsidiaries in the US, South America, and the Caribbean. Brian’s longstanding commitment to helping people extends to volunteering and teaching – he instructed finance and accounting at the University of Calgary part-time for over 25 years, where he learned the importance of guiding people rather than telling them what to do. He has also sat on the boards of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Calgary (and has been an active “big brother” to a young boy), and the Bow River Chapter of the Canadian Progress Club.